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We boost engagement.

Every day we process data that help to increase the engagement your employees and customers.

True colours of business

Engagement is about positive attitudes and alignment with the organizational or product values. Using associational impulses, in the form of words, images, videos and a scale of eight colours enables in-depth and accurate results, including peoples’ emotions.


Unparalleled employee and consumer insights. The solution we use enables us to penetrate more deeply to help you understand hidden perceptions and key drivers which constitute the majority of people’s thought patterns and behaviours but which traditional survey methods struggle to access.


EH clients

"We call this in our company 'Eye Opener'"

HR BPO Service Delivery lead, Accenture

"I recommend this to all managers who want to work more efficiently with the team and to develop their people."

Sales Manager, Hartmann-Rico

"It helped me increase team peformance dramatically"

Regional Director, Remax