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Engage Hill is committed to enhancing the quality of peoples’ lives by helping them to gain a better understanding of themselves and others.

Engage Hill develops and provides on-line applications and services for Managers, and HR and Marketing professionals.

25 years

Our team has more than 25 years experience.

Instead of questionnaires the applications use the, Colour-Word Associations Technique (CWAT), which gives more holistic and accurate results, including peoples’ emotions.


More than half a million people have so far used the CWAT.

since 2004

Since being founded in 2004, Engage Hill has grown by leaps and bounds. From offering one-page hard copy profiles for individuals in a single language we now offer a myriad of on-line products and services. We are now able to measure individuals, teams or entire companies and we can survey thousands of clients and customers in a number languages and across many cultures.

A lot has changed since the first product appeared. But some things haven’t changed: the passion and engagement we have in enhancing the quality of peoples’ lives.

10 languages

Our end users can enjoy our products in over 10 languages.

Colour-Word Association Technique

It's started with the desire to understand children.

The Colour-Word Association Technique identifies associations and attitudes by using colours as reactions to specific terms.

It is different from the usual questionnaires which use words or numerical scales for answering.

The basis of this projective technique is a combination of associational impulses in the form of words or pictures and a scale of eight colours. Neuronal pathways are stimulated by the associational connection of the colour and word/picture.

The user interface is simple enough for even children to use. The CWAT technique can be used worldwide since it is not affected by cultural factors, language, education or respondents’ previous experiences with any type of testing or measuring.

The Colour-Word Association Technique (CWAT) is a combination of projective techniques, which have been used in psychology for decades, and scientific knowledge including neuroscience, medicine, sociology, statistics and information technology.

since 1981

The creator of the CWAT is graduate psychologist Jiří Šimonek who has been using it since 1981. As a student Jiří discovered his passion for projective techniques and their using in practice – especially in his work with children.

The CWAT in its current form has been in use since 1997 when results were evaluated by computer technology for the first time.

Over the last ten years CWAT was used in projects increasing efficiency of education and career guidance sponsored by government or EU funds.

More recently CWAT has been used in many commercial organisations in HR and marketing field.

Colour Association - background

  • Colours and people’s experiences were studied by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as early as the turn of the 19th century. Psychiatry and diagnostics made use of this knowledge in the second half of the 20th century via Swiss doctor Max Lüscher (more also here).

  • Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt was a German doctor, physiologist and psychologist, and was the founder of scientific psychology. He was the first person to call himself a psychologist. As early as the second half of the 19th century he claimed the subject of psychology to be a direct perception or consciousness consisting of psychological elements – emotions, feelings and volitional acts.

  • At the end of the 19th century Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss doctor, psychotherapist and the founder of analytical psychology, and his co-worker Franz Riklin fundamentally revised the word association test and broadened the scale of stimulating words and associational pairs. To Jung, the association test presented a gateway to the contents of unconscious complexes of the human psyche.

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Filip Brodan (Managing Director)

Filip founded the company in 2004. Apart from the company management and new product development he is responsible for international expansion.

Egita Renovica (Managing Partner)

Egita joined the company 7 years ago. Apart managing employees and new product development she is responsible for international expansion.

Barbara Golasowská (Business Development)

Barbara joined to the company 7 years ago. She is responsible for clients in the Czech Republic.

Vlastimil Dejl (Marketing & Design)

Vlastimil joined the company 3 years ago. He is responsible for the design of applications, websites, products and materials, and for the whole marketing.

Martin Charouzek (Information Technology)

Martin joined the company 5 years ago. He is developing the web applications and taking care of hardware.


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Darina Gajdošová
Managing Partner

Zuzana Kopáčiková
Managing Partner

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Margita Škara
Managing Director

UAE and Saudi Arabia

Engage Hill Middle East

Rami Barbarawi
Managing Partner

Having worked with both multinational and local firms covering Europe and Middle East and Africa regions, Rami comes from an extensive background in market research and consulting. His experience brings a unique advantage to Engage Hill team. Joined the team in 2013, Rami plays the role of Managing Partner covering both United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. His responsibilities lie in developing the business across both countries.

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